Saturday, 15 September 2012

Levi Johnston?s New Kid: Breeze Beretta Johnston

O?M?G. Levi Johnston has procreated again! And thank goodness for the baby, she are not going to be related to Sarah Palin in any way. Yes, he somehow talked another chick into making a baby with him. He also helped to keep the pattern of weirdo, hipster names going as well. He will join Tripp as the two youngsters in the family. Tripp will now be her half brother. I can only imagine what will go through his mind once Breeze is older and starts to read about the Palin family and all of the controversy they stirred up. It?s kind of sad actually, because the break-up between Bristol and Levi was very public. That could be hurtful down the road. As for now, everybody in Wasilla, Alaska seems happy. There?s Levi, who always has the same stupid grin on his face, then there?s his girlfriend, who is probably just glad to be over with the pregnancy and on to the next stage of her life. There is still some controversy brewing, though. If you remember, just a few weeks ago, Levi was down at the courthouse in Alaska trying to get full custody of Tripp, who was makes an [...]


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