Friday, 14 September 2012

Justin Bieber Inspired By Michael Jackson For 'As Long As You Love Me' Clip

Singer tweets about the King of Pop's influence on his new video.
By Jocelyn Vena

<P>On Wednesday, <a href="">Justin Bieber</a> dropped his cinematic clip for his track <a href="/news/articles/1690963/justin-bieber-as-long-as-you-love-me-music-video-premiere.jhtml">"As Long as You Love Me."</a> Heavy on drama and celebrity cameos, the video follows a lovelorn Bieber as he fights actor Michael Madsen for the right to hang out with his daughter, his one true love.</P><P><object width="460" height="260" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" id="embeddedPlayer" data="" style="visibility: visible;"><param name="bgcolor" value="#000000"><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"><param name="allowScriptAccess" value="always"><param name="wmode" value="transparent"><param name="flashvars" value="playerType=embedded&videoId=USUV71201064&playlist=false&enableDomScan=true&"></object></P><P>In addition to the Baz Luhrmann-inspired Hawaiian shirts and "Romeo and Juliet" story line, Bieber takes a few punches and slings some sassy lines at Madsen. His pal Big Sean also makes an appearance in the clip. And if fans were wondering what and who influenced the video, Bieber took to <a href="" target="_blank">Twitter</a> hours after the premiere to shout out his hero, Michael Jackson, for helping him step up his music-video game.</P><P>"MJ told stories with his videos. I wanted to tell a story. Feel like a movie. #AsLongAsYouLoveMe," he wrote, showing some love to the master. He later added, "Push the limits. Fight for what you BELIEVE in."</P><P>As of Wednesday night, Bieber was astounded that his video had amassed more than 1 million views in less than 10 hours. But that number nearly quadrupled on Thursday morning &#8212; as of press time, the video had almost 4 million streams.</P><P>Bieber is not only feeling the love for his <a href="/news/articles/1690932/justin-bieber-as-long-as-you-love-me-video.jhtml">"ALAYM" video</a> but also for his "Boyfriend" video, which just received two <a href="">2012 MTV Video Music Award</a> nominations for <a href="/news/articles/1690978/rihanna-only-girl-best-pop-video-video-music-awards.jhtml">Best Pop Video</a> and Best Male Video. Bieber goes into the September 6 broadcast already a two-time VMA winner. He'll learn if he can take home another one when the show goes live from the Staples Center.</P><P>The VMAs take place just weeks before Bieber kicks off his sold-out <a href="/news/articles/1688265/justin-bieber-after-believe.jhtml"><i>Believe</i> tour</a>, which coincidentally will also be heavily influenced by the King of Pop.</P><P>"He has been watching a tremendous amount of Michael Jackson concerts from the '80s and '90s," his manager Scooter Braun shared. "And he has been talking to me about how Michael incorporated magic and pyro and reveals and he wants to bring in that. [But] still do that acoustic thing, but he wants to take it to a whole new level.</P><P>"It's just really exciting," Braun continued. "Nothing makes him happier than being onstage. So it's gonna be fun to get back onto the road. I think he was an amazing performer before, but his level of dance and musicianship and his range [has grown]. He's a veteran now. I think he wants to take it to a completely new level."</P>

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