Saturday, 15 September 2012

Is The Duchess of Cambridge Pregnant?

Is the Duchess of Cambridge pregnant? For real this time? These new photos of the Princess, who is on a nine day tour of Asia, are sparking the pregnancy rumors once again. Add the fact the she is only drinking water, and opting out of the wine and champagne at the state dinners, and bam! She is knocked up for sure! Check out more potential baby bump photos at our friends, Bitten and Bound and let us know what you think! I don’t know if this is true or just another rumor. people are dying for the princess to get knocked up! I think they Royals need a little royal baby running around! Whether it is true or not, I have a feeling we will be hearing these rumors until they actually come to fruition. She is in the most public eye you can imagine, world wide public eye and it comes with the territory. There may be more to this than just rumor though. After looking around, I came across these photos at the HuffPo and it seems she was sipping just water, while everyone else was drinking wine. Quite suspicious!!! Why add to rumors by drinking water if [...]


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